Spring continued

” I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree ” Joyce Kilmer 

 A day of showers and blossoming trees ,dark stormy skies and sunshine. Weather usually reserved for April but rain welcome to make the greens greener !!



9 thoughts on “Spring continued”

  1. Am I correct that I know you from Instagram? If so, you are abundantly gifted for an Art-Photography site. I’m about to post another from you today or tomorrow (assuming you’re my English Friend 😄).

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    1. Indeed I am and I’m flattered . Not often on here but want to do a post on Thomas Hardy and fatalism when I get around to it !!! Can’t upload photo at the moment though !!

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  2. “University” continues till the day we croak, eh?. We use it or lose it. And you combine Eye and intellect. Many love that kind of bounty. I, on the other hand, can be dryly philosophically-interested and fewer care for that sort of thing. But we follow what we think is important. And I post mostly to give my grandchildren some sense of alternative compass into the future when they come of age. Certainly that intention can also inform your work. They’ll want to know WHO grandfather was in life.

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    1. The university of life ,yes. My intellect has got lost in the trials and tribulations of life I fear but I read a lot still and now and again pen a poem .
      Teenage angst used to be my speciality but these days it’s usually short and sweet 😊 Your sentiments about your grandchildren are wonderful . Almost shed a tear in fact . It’s wonderful .


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